Robert Haughton

Six years

Electonic Telegraph
15 November 1996
False jailing man seeks
pay-out number two

By Maurice Weaver

A man who received £73,000 in Home Office compensation for wrongful imprisonment two years ago has been granted legal aid to launch a civil action for "substantial" further damages against the police.

To qualify for legal aid Robert Haughton, 33, has had to show that he has minimal financial means. His Birmingham solicitor, David Simon, said his client says he has spent the original sum.

Mr Haughton, of Tooting, south London, is to sue West Midlands Police, members of whose discredited Serious Crime Squad gave the evidence that led to his conviction. He served nearly six years of a 10-year sentence for an alleged role in a shooting at Birmingham's Acapulco night club, before the conviction was quashed in the Appeal Court in May 1992.

Since then he has received two sums from Treasury Funds under the terms of the Criminal Justice Act - an interim £5,000 immediately after his release, followed by a £68,000 settlement in May 1994.

The Home Office has suggested that it would take steps to recoup its original payment if an award in excess of that sum is made by the civil court.

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