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The hall of judicial infamy ...

There are many names inscribed in the hall of judicial infamy. These are but a few of the many miscarriages of justice that have taken place in Great Britain. Fresh names will - all too inevitably - be added in the course of time.

Sheila Bowler
4 years
Carol Hanson
27 years
Peter Fell
17 years
Birmingham Six
16 years
M25 Three
10 years
Ryan James
3 years
Bridgewater Four
17 years
Judith Ward
18 years
Gerry Conlon/James Hanratty/Patrick Nicholls
Danny McNamee
11 years
Guildford Four
15 years
Patrick Nicholls
23 years
Derek Bentley
Hanged in 1953
Stefan Kiszko
16 years
Robert Haughton
6 years
Ashley King
14 years
Trevor Campbell
14 years
Kevin Callan
4 years
Stefan Kiszko/Sheila Bowler/Keith Twitchell
Ryan James/Anne Maguire/Andrew Evans
Derek Treadaway
9 years
Johnny Kamara
20 years
Keith Twitchell
12 years
George Long
16 years
Mary Druhan
10 years
Andrew Evans
25 years
Jonathan Jones
2 1/2 years
Andrew Smith
22 years
Hussein Mattan/Michael Hickey/Judith Ward
Kevin Callan/Derek Bentley
Gurnos Three
3-4 years
Eddie Browning
6 years
Maguire Seven
10 years
John Roberts
15 years
George Lewis
5 years
Patricia Bass
3 years
Cardiff Newsagent
11 years
Mark Cleary
9 years
Iain Hay Gordon
7 years
Trevor McCalla
18 mths + remand
Roy Burnett
15 years
Timothy Evans
Hanged in 1950
Cardiff Three
4 years
John McGranaghan
10 years
Richard Karling
6 years
Alexander Hall
11 years
James Hanratty
Hanged in 1962
Colin Wallace
6 years
Wayne & Paul
7 years
Hussein Mattan
Hanged in 1952
Terry Pinfold / Harry Mackenney
22-year wait for redemption
Christopher Hagans / John Wilson
Spent nine years in prison as a consequence of wrongdoing by police officers
Gary Mills / Tony Poole
Served 14 years before convictions overturned
Mark Dallagher
Served 7 years before charges formally dropped following re-trial
Angela Cannings
Served nearly 2 years before convictions quashed
Trevor Wickens
Incarcerated for thirteen and a half years before conviction declared unsafe
George Kelly
Hanged in 1950
Reg Dudley / Bob Maynard
Both served around twenty-five years before being released and later saw their convictions quashed
Michael McMahon / David Cooper
Both men served 10 years in prison before being released; sadly neither lived to see his name cleared.
Michael Shirley
Spent 16 years in prison for a crime the court of appeal admitted he could not have committed.
Sally Clark
Conviction quashed after 3 years in jail.
Erkin Guney
Conviction quashed after 7 years in jail.
Michael Lawson / Basil Rigby-Williams
The two men spent three years in prison after being convicted of sexual abuse - crimes it later transpired had never happened.
Hasham Shah
Spent 18 months in prison. Found guilty of committing a gay sex attack although he (a hererosexual) had been attacked at knifepoint by his supposed victim.
Robert Brown
Conviction quashed after 25 years in jail.
Frank Johnson
Conviction quashed after 26 years in jail.
Dudley Higgins
Conviction quashed on appeal.
Patrick Irvine
Conviction quashed after serving 11 years and 9 years after his release on licence.
John Brannan/Bernard Murphy
Convictions quashed after ten years.
Stephen Downing
Spent 27 years (!) in prison before his conviction was finally quashed.
Roger Beardmore
Conviction quashed three years after false rape accusations.
Donald Pendleton
Conviction quashed by the law lords after 15 years.
Alex Allan
Conviction quashed after student lawyers took up his case.
John Hemphill
Conviction quashed by the Scottish court of appeal after he had served six years.
Joseph Otoo
Aged 17 when convicted, Joseph Otoo served three years of a 7-year sentence before his conviction was quashed.
Kevin Martin, Michael Brown, Anthony Taylor
Cleared by the Court of Appeal 5 years into a ten-year sentence for armed robbery after being convicted on the basis of evidence planted by corrupt police officers.
Serena Kayretli
Cleared by the Court of Appeal after spending one and a half years in prison.
Mohammed Yusef Patel
Cleared by the Court of Appeal 13 years after serving 28 months of a 4-year sentence.
James Reith
Two years for "rape".
Michelle & Lisa Taylor
Convictions quashed following "sensationalist" reporting.
John Woodruff and William Hickson
Served two years in prison after having a gun "planted" on them by corrupt police officers.
John McLoughlin
Cleared by the Court of Appeal almost 10 years after being convicted of sex offences.
Gary Shaffi, David Noble, Craig Lane, Michael Beadle
Acquitted on appeal of the murder, nearly three years earlier, of a pensioner. Michael Beadle died while serving his life sentence.
Philip English
Philip English, whose conviction for the murder of Sergeant Bill Forth in Gateshead was later overturned by the Court of Appeal. Mr English was 100 yards away in handcuffs when a police officer was stabbed by Paul Weddle, but he was sentenced to life imprisonment under the law of 'joint enterprise'. See separate page on this case.

George McPhee

Cleared after serving 16 years for murder

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